7 is a bad number. 0 to 1 is better

Don't just do well; do good too!

Freedom of mobility is a basic tenet of the human condition. We move to progress and we move to survive. But why should the cost of our mobility be irreversible ecological damage and our own health?

My love for nature and advocating climate science facts regarding global warming led me to embark on my own climate change expedition just over a year ago in Iceland to witness the retreat of glaciers and build-up of CO2 in ice in the past 200 years.

I believe that we are still the only species on Earth that has the power, intellect and empathy to re-balance our ecological harmony. But whether or not you agree with Greta or me regarding global warming due to human activity, at least be convinced we have a health crisis on our hands.

7 appears a lot in my birth date and was always my favourite number until now. What gives?

According to the world health organisation:

7 million people die from air pollution every year and only;

7 % of Asia has access to clean air while;

7 cities in Asia are among the top 10 most air polluted in the world

Close to half of these deaths can be attributed to traffic pollution in densely populated urban centres where billions of combustion vehicles spew harmful particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides curb-side that cause all sorts of respiratory and cardiovascular complications.

Compare that with 1.3 million deaths from traffic accidents every year and we start to realise that this is a health crisis that should and can be mitigated.

Therefore, a revolution is in order for sustainable mobility. Just like the visionaries who lead and act in their respective fields in renewable energy, circular economies, zero waste, sustainable agriculture and impact investing; we must start to execute on efficient and desirable sustainable mobility at scale for our populations whether in public or private transport.

As the 21st Century inaugurates our renewed human adventure towards Mars and the rest of the solar system, shouldn't we at the same time fix our most pressing pollutive habits?

We have the technology and possibly the momentum of public and political will. 0 and 1 is Binary code, the basis of computing language, the yin to the yang. If we came into this world at 0, then let us strive to leave with a positive impact towards 1.