Delivering delightful personal mobility experiences shaped by design and technology for Southeast Asia

Welcome to Ion Mobility, our company’s newsletter to keep you in touch with our progress and development. Founded in 2019, Ion Mobility is a tech-driven all-electric mobility company in Southeast Asia that designs, builds and supports next-generation EV motorcycles. There is no reason why the trusty motorcycle shouldn’t join the ranks of devices that form part of our digital flow in the Internet era. Our data-driven approach will enable us to drive a superior user experience and develop better-received products over time.

The transportation sector is typically the second largest contributor to greenhouse gases in any country, second to the power generation sector. Despite its seemingly superior fuel efficiency, motorcycles on average produce twice as much CO2 per passenger-kilometre when measured from well-to-wheel. Consistent regulation and enforcement of post-sale ICE motorcycle emissions is also difficult, resulting in significantly higher levels of unburnt hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide from unauthorised after-sales modifications, all of which contribute greatly to city smog and PM2.5 air pollution.

We’re convinced that the future of personal mobility is all-electric, and are on a mission to accelerate the transition of motorcycles from petrol to electric as its energy source, so as to drive a sustainable future for generations to come. Southeast Asia - the world’s third largest motorcycle market (behind India and China), and with an ICE motorcycle population of over 200 million - offers us a large canvas upon which we can innovate and create impact. We can’t wait to show the world what we’re working on, and hope you’ll stick with us and be among the first few to find out!

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