We design, build and support next-gen motorcycles for Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2019, Ion Mobility is a tech-driven all-electric mobility company tackling a challenging and complex space. Southeast Asia is home to over 200 million Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) motorcycles and is the world’s 3rd largest market for 2-wheel ICE motorcycles. In 2019, Indonesia saw 6.5 million new motorcycles sold in-country. We have a seasoned core team possessing a track record in consumer products, automotive, robotics, fintech and internet sectors, as well as decades of experience in industrial design, automotive engineering, electronics, electrical and software disciplines.

Ion Mobility’s inaugural product - the ION Model 1 - is designed to be superior to its ICE motorcycle brethren, be it on the basis of features, cost-per-kilometre or acceleration.

There is no reason why the trusty motorcycle shouldn’t join the ranks of devices that form part of our digital flow in the Internet era. Our data-driven approach will enable us to drive a superior user experience and develop better-received products over time.

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